BRand Creator & Entrepreneur


BRand Creator & Entrepreneur

Hi! I’m Franziska (Franzie for short),

In 2018 I packed my bags and moved from Germany to California to start a travel company for people like myself. Even though starting a company in a foreign country is not easy, and I learned so much from the struggles I endured,  I was still able to accomplish my goals. Watching my company come to a complete stop due to the pandemic was the best learning lesson of all. While travel is slowly coming back and I may be able to start that business up again, I found out that my true passion was the journey.

With my main business sidelined I began a new business, like many, on Etsy. I’ve always loved art and with the extra “free time” in 2020 I started creating original and custom line art. You can check out my work at At the same time I had friends telling me that they needed help with their small business’ branding, social media, and web design. Now after launching 6 brands across 6 industries I am happy to introduce to you, Valescaa Studio. 

My goal with Valescaa Studio. is to combine my love of art and design with my passion for creating impactful brands. But more importantly my goal is to help people, like yourself, with the journey of creating a brand.  As a small business owner myself I will cater to your brand’s needs ensuring that you can focus on what you’re passionate about. 

Let’s start your journey together.


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